Friday, 9 November 2012

A long overdue update

Sorry to have left it so long.

My dearest and I made it!!

Our journey to be together was achieved almost a year ago. We have spent this time since in making our new life together work and are about to (on the 25th November) celebrate our first anniversary of first arriving back at Heathrow, exhausted from the long flight but delirious with joy to have finally achieved our dream, that of being together.

We met online (in Fetlife) in early 2010 and fell in love almost immediately. It was like finding the part of me that had been missing for the whole of my life. The biggest problem was the 10,000 miles or so that separated us. We never had a second's doubt though, that this was it. We had met our soulmates and against all the odds we made it work. We planned and organised and spent all our free time together on Skype. We wrote and called and emailed and gradually we made it happen.

In July 2011 we married in South America (you wouldn't believe the tension as the days crept nearer and still the registry office there was on strike...) amongst friends and loved ones and we immediately applied for a visa for her to join me here. In November 2011 it came through and I made the 15 hour journey to collect her and bring her home.

The first year has been a dream and every day waking up next to her almost makes my heart stop with joy. the commitment she has made, the things she has left behind to be with me is breathtaking and I will love her and honour her til my dying day.

We're still as kinky as ever but we now can play it out whenever we like. I began this blog as a way of writing down my fantasies and thoughts and ideas and it has served me well. I'm sorry I dropped it as soon as my dreams became flesh but I didn't want it to just become one of those blogs which suddenly just stop and you wonder what on earth happened.

I will update it from time to time when I have a moment but we began another one on tumblr for anyone interested, a pictorial blog.

Here's the link

Check it out if you are interested.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Forty seven days to get through until we have nearly a whole two months together.

I remember when we first discussed the idea and it was nearly three hundred days separating us... A lifetime of waiting for each other extended by an almost unacceptable amount but we are closing gradually and inevitably.

I don't think I could have kept my sanity through it without that one magical night. I know that we are perfect for one another. There are so many things I am looking forward to and many if not most of them aren't in the least bit kinky, but a lot are...

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Lust fills me.

I sit in the darkened room until I hear you come in then I am up on my feet and moving at speed to intercept you at the door. You open your mouth to say something and then you see the need written on my face. You have time to close the door and drop your bag before I am on you.

Your mouth barely has time to open before my hand closes roughly over it. Your eyes widen in surprise and shock as I push you up against the door, your back connecting with it and your breathing changing, quickening. You know this mood and I can sense your pussy oiling as my other hand goes up your skirt.

You stand docile, not moving as my fingers push your thighs apart, hard enough to leave little bruises on the flesh of your inner thighs. You can see in my eyes that you are on object for me tonight. One to be used. A vessel for my lusts.

I tear your panties to one side and find you dripping already but it does little to assuage the hunger. I turn you to the wall, my hand pressing your face against it, squashing your beautiful features and you let out a whimper as I pull your panties down to your knees. I'm hard and waste no time in pulling your hips out so I can get at you better.

My cock pushes between your lips, opening you, stretching you, penetrating you. I force my way inside you and begin to fuck you roughly. I don't care about your comfort or your pleasure tonight. I am an animal and you are my prey. My fingers twine in your hair to keep you still as I use you, finally amidst a whirl of whispered threats and grunts of passion I come inside you, biting down on the back of your neck as I fill your cunt with my seed.

You dare to look round at me, your eyes filled with need and desire as I finish. My eyes betray nothing for you. I turn you and still holding you by the hair I drag you into the bedroom and push you to your knees in the furthest corner. I find a rope and tie your wrists behind you, tightly. A bag goes down over your head and I pull you into a kneeling position, facing the wall.

I leave you there, my spunk trickling out of your used pussy and down your thighs as I sit on the bed, still simmering with lust. I will use you again later, my slut. In the meantime I look at you, my object, stoking my lust, feeling it build again.

It will be a long night for us both.

Monday, 18 October 2010

On switching.

We are lucky, blessed enough to not have ultimate limits on our relationship. We have found a balance where I am normally in control. You submit to me and I am the dominant. I love this and it feels like the norm in our relationship.

Sometimes I feel the need within me to submit to you. You have a need within you to take my submission and enjoy that dominance over me.

It's not a weakness to want to submit to you. Actually I find it thrilling to kneel to you and I love your style of domination. It is an extension of your personality, an alter ego who teases and tests me. You take my breath away.

I feel so excited to know that you have ordered my collar and that it will arrive in a few days. You won't be in a position to fit me with it for another 61 days but I will control myself and not open the package until you are here with me.

I can't wait for that moment, though, my dearest Mistress, to be before you as you place it around my neck for the first time. It feels no less symbolic to me than a wedding ring.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Our first photo together...

I will never forget that night as long as I live. It was simply perfect.

Monday, 20 September 2010


I wanted to write an account of what happened but I feel I couldn't do it all justice. A list of our actions would not capture the feelings we felt, the joy and elation. The wonder of being able to hold, to stroke and kiss (boy did we kiss!!!) and to play, to fuck to suck and lick and taste and smell for the first time.

What I will say is that it confirmed everything I already knew. We fit perfectly and I have no doubts that our journey together will be as perfect. One night of perfection will give us the strength to hang on for the two months together we have planned.